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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How does Paintball work?
A:  At High Voltage Paintball we get your group checked in, sign waivers, and select rental packages.  Then we give a brief safety orientation to assure that all players understand how to stay safe.  We hand out equipment and begin play.  Each game lasts from 7 to 10 minutes, and we try to run 4 games an hour.  
Q:  How long can I play?  Is there a time limit?
A:  There is no time limit!  You can play paintball for as long as you like, as long as you have paint!
Q:  What kinds of games do you play?
A:  The game type would depend on which of our 5 fields you are on.  We play attack and defend, domination (two groups battle to hold a single position), team elimination, jailbreak (or Relevio for those of us who used to actually play outside), capture the flag, a disarm bomb game and more.  
Q:  Does Paintball hurt?
A:  Yes.  It stings for a second or two , then it's over.  It's like being flicked with an elastic on bare skin, but your adrenaline is pumping, so it's more startling than painful.  But rest assured, we have had kids as young as 10 years of age handle it with no problem.
Q:  What should I wear?
A:  High Voltage Paintball is a strictly outdoor experience.  Dress as if you were going hiking for the day.  Wear hiking boots and long pants, long sleeves, etc.  Consider the weather in your decision, and remember you will be working up a sweat!  
Q:  I've never played before.  What is it like to play Paintball?
A:  Awesome.  It is a uniquely visceral experience.  And it is an experience!  As soon as the game begins, you are cranked up on adrenaline.  But the rest is up to you.  Do you hang back and hide? (booo!)  Or do you charge ahead and lead your team to victory?  (yes!)  After a game or two, you will discover your inner Rambo.  Embrace it!  Because when you're back at work or school on Monday and the day starts to drag, your mind will drift back to the few glorious hours you spent with us in the woods, and you'll start wishing you were here.  
Q:  I've never played before.  Will it be a problem?
A:  No!  In fact, most of our players are first or second timers!  We cater to the casual paintball player.  We'll tell you everything you need to know.  No experience required!  Our staff is excellent, and will make your paintball adventure memorable and fun.  
Have a question?  Just ask!  Email us at:
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