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SAS Woodsball

SAS Woodsball is an international organization comprised of thousands of players,  divided into hundreds of teams. No matter where you travel to play, you can locate an SAS team and join them for a great day of paintball.


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SAS Mass Chapter 

SAS Massachusetts is a team that prefers magfed paintball but is not limited to it.

They travel to different fields and play at various events throughout the season.

SAS Massachusetts is not only a team, they are a group of players that became friends, and have bonded like family. They welcome anyone with open arms to join their ranks. Anyone can become a member of the chapter. The only stipulation is, you must have INTEGRITY. 

To become a prospect you must play a few games with the team so they can get to know you. You do not have to pay money to join the team. SAS Mass understands that we all have responsibilities, therefore they have no set schedule. Simply, play when you can.

 Looking for a group of players that love paintball as much as you? SAS may be the team for you. Reach out today for more information.  

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